And the Texas Board of Nursing Strikes Back

On May 18th, the Texas Board of Nursing will publish proposed changes (after the jump) to section 213.26 of the Texas Administrative Code. The changes, if approved in their entirety, will essentially neuter the State Office of Administrative Hearings and render formal hearings before SOAH almost superfluous by removing the ability of the Administrative LawContinue ReadingContinue Reading

Major Decisions from the Texas Board of Nursing April Meeting

There were two big decisions impacting nursing practice from the Texas Board of Nursing in the April Board meeting: A Midwife (not an Advanced Practice Nurse-Midwife) with a RN license, but acting in a Midwife role, was held to have violated the NPA with regards to documentation standards, etc. despite no action from the MidwiferyContinue Reading

Deadly Shooting in Oakland – Possible Nursing Connection

AP is reporting that at least six are dead in a shooting at Oikos University (Note: the link was not working when I tried – the servers may be down), a private Christian College in Oakland, California.  What makes this of interest to nursing is that it is being reported that the shooting may haveContinue Reading

Medscape Article Highlights When Nurses Need to Consider a Lawyer

One of the most common statements I make to potential clients that are wavering when considering hiring me for a nursing board case is that if they don’t hire me, then they need to hire another attorney, preferably an attorney who practices license defense. Few heed this advice and I don’t follow up to checkContinue ReadingContinue Reading

Trailblazer is at it Again: Auditing Emergency Room Services

I have attached this notice in it’s entirety because it makes an important point for all Medicare providers – after all, if they are hitting the DOCTORS like thing, what hope do other providers have for doing the “appropriate documentation.”  Here are the highlights – the full text is after the jump: Probe Review FindingsContinue ReadingContinue Reading